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TICKETS: (260) 422-4226 or Artstix

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Using the combination of Laban movement and Stanislavski’s theory of acting, we will be working on believability in acting, by understanding beats in dialogue and telling a story through breath work. Using games, exercises, and scene work we will break down how to keep the audience in real time with the show, by giving them intentional beats in dialogue and clues using breath work. We will also be discussing how to use breath work to take the audience on the emotional journey of a character, as well as using breath to make turns in dialogue that can be tricky. We will end the class with monologue work that will be performed for a dessert event for donors of afO. At the end of the class, you should be proficient in scoring any monologue or scene with beats and breathwork for auditions and rehearsals.

Classes will be taught by Mary Beth Frank and will be held on Wednesday evenings, June 1, 2022-July 27, 2022. First class open is from 6:30-7:30pm, with a 16 person capacity. If that fills up, a second class will open up from 8-9pm.

Please be committed to coming as often as possible, as scene and partner work becomes difficult if people are missing frequently.

$120, paid in full to afO by the first class. Open to everyone freshman in high school and older. (Kids entering freshman year this coming fall.)

Classes will be held at afO’s rehearsal and office space, 2310 Weisser Park Ave – enter off Hannah, south of Creighton and park on the playground side of the building.

To register, please fill out the form, and submit your payment by clicking the following link.

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