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For Starters Audition

all for One productions is starting a new podcast program: For Starters: Excerpts of Time-Tested Tales for the Whole Family!This program will be producing dramatic reading excerpts from public domain books in order to encourage listeners to try these well-loved classic books.

We are seeking actors to do the voice work for these excerpts. The first excerpt will be Little Women, followed by The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Boxcar Children, The Enchanted Castle, and Peter Pan. Each excerpt will be cast separately, but we encourage actors to audition for several of the excerpts. We are looking for actors of all ages.

Rehearsal and Recording Dates

Two 1-2 hour rehearsals will be conducted virtually via Zoom for each excerpt.

Each excerpt will then be recorded at the all for One production office. Actors must be willing to record inside, unmasked or with a face shield, and in relatively close proximity to the other voice actors.

Audition, Rehearsal and Performance Schedule: Must be available for all three dates to be considered for a specific reading.

BookAudition Tape DeadlineRehearse, Zoom 7-8 pmRecord, in person 6:30 -8:00 pm
Little Women7/87/13, 7/147/16
The Scarlet Pimpernel7/157/20, 7/217/23
The Boxcar Children7/237/27, 7/287/30
The Enchanted Castle7/308/3, 8/48/7
Peter Pan8/58/10, 8/118/14

Auditions received after cutoff date will not be considered for that reading. Additionally, later readings may be cast before audition cutoff dates, so it would be best to submit your audition reading as soon as possible.

We are planning on recording Little Women first, followed by The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Boxcar Children, The Enchanted Castle, and Peter Pan.

To audition:

  • Select one of the excerpts. Create an audio or video of you reading the excerpt for approximately 2 minutes. Please pick a portion of the excerpt that includes multiple characters and make sure to create vocal change to indicate character switching.
  • Once you have completed the recording, please upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video and send the link to Stacey Kuster at
  • Include the character you are auditioning specifically for; however, keep in mind you may be offered a different character as the director sees fit.
  • Please list any summer conflicts and your summer schedule in this email.
  • In addition, please list in which excerpts you’re interested in being cast.

CLICK HERE for Excerpts

Please let us know if you have further questions. We look forward to receiving your audition material!

Little Women


Jo March – the second eldest sister, headstrong, proud, wishes she were able to be more of a man

Meg March – the eldest, maternal, a true romantic, wishes she could be a part of the more “proper” society

Beth March – the second youngest, shy, caring, wishes everyone around her to be happy and content

Amy March – the youngest, vain, wishes you were able to have more nice things

The Enchanted Castle

Narrator/ Mademoiselle – their French teacher/Princess

Kathleen – loves magic and is determined to make the best of spending holiday at school

Jimmy – the youngest of the bunch, playful and quite adventurous too

Gerald – the leader of their adventures, pretends to be polite in order to get what he wants

The Boxcar Children


Jess – twelve, organized, likes to plan adventures

Henry – fourteen, likes to repair things, feels responsible for the caring of the rest

Violet – ten, creative, shy, picks up on things her siblings tend to miss

Benny – six, curious, doesn’t let his age stop him from helping

The Scarlet Pimpernel


A corporal in the French guard*

Bibot – a sergeant in the French guard, proud and unfortunately gullible

The old hag (the scarlet pimpernel) – male, a noble who uses his smarts to sneak nobles out of the city during the French Reign of Terror

Grospierre – a captain in the French guard*

*potential doubling in these roles

Peter Pan

Narrator/Liza – the Darling’s servant

Peter Pan – proud, adventurous, the boy who never grew up

Wendy Darling – the eldest Darling, practical but with a big heart

John Darling – the middle Darling, cautious and a little precocious*

Michael Darling – the youngest Darling, sweet and bubbly* *potential doubling in these roles

CLICK HERE for Excerpts

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