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TICKETS: (260) 422-4226 or Artstix

This program features half-hour recordings of single chapters from books – some more familiar and some less – which should appeal to all ages. Little Women and The Scarlet Pimpernel will be among the books featured in the inaugural season of this podcast.

We love introducing people to great stories. We often choose adaptations of literary classics for our Main Stage Productions. This podcast is a way to give a larger audience a taste of a greater range of stories than we could present onstage. It also provides more opportunities for fine local voice actors to use their gifts. We’re hoping that hearing a single intriguing chapter (usually the opening chapter) will entice people to seek out the whole book, whether in print or audio. We will include some discussion of why we chose each work, and recommendations for what we think are the best print editions, audiobook versions and even film versions.

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