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TICKETS: (260) 422-4226 or Artstix

Thanks for joining us this year at Taste of the Arts!

We’ve got some fun videos below, and you’ll also see season information, how to get tickets for our current season, links to some previous shows we have performed, and information on our educational programs as well.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page or CLICK HERE to enter a giveaway for tickets to our upcoming World Premiere production of The Dreadful Journal of Phoebe Weems!

Joy McGlothlin and her son Finley will lead you through some theatre activities to help you warm up your voice, create different characters, and more!

Here are some fun tongue twisters to practice to warm up your voice. You can find lots of fun tongue twisters for this activity. We have five featured here. Keep scrolling for more videos with games and activities you can play with your friends and family!

A game to use your imagination as you pretend an ordinary household object is anything except what it actually is!

How do you express emotions? With your body? With your voice? How about both! Find some fun exercises here to help with expressing emotion on stage.

Here are a few other games you can play with your friends!

Imaginary Object – pretend you’re holding something and show by your actions what it is. Have others guess what you’re holding.

Mirror, Mirror – stand facing your partner and pretend you’re looking in a mirror. Choose a leader and follower, then switch it up! Mirror each other’s actions so closely anyone watching wouldn’t know who the leader is!

Character Voices – pick a line to say over and over pretending to be a different character each time. How would a spoiled brat say the line? How would a robot say the line? Think of as many different kinds of characters as you can and say the line like they would!

all for One’s programs include a season of community theater downtown in the ArtsLab Black Box on Main Street, an Annual Young Playwrights Festival for students in grades K-12, an after school program called STAGE and a new podcast called For Starters. Click the links below to find more info.

You can click here to find our current season and get season passes.

Get all the info on Young Playwrights, including workshop registration, right here!

STAGE: Supporting Theater as a Growth Experience

Check out our brand new podcast, For Starters: Excerpts of Time Tested Tales for the Whole Family! Episode 1 featuring Little Women was just released!

Watch our production of Romeo & Juliet from 2017!

Photo trailers of past shows

Enter a drawing for a giveaway to our September show! Submit your email and be entered to win four (4) tickets to The Dreadful Journal of Phoebe Weems.

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