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Location, location, location (and other details)

Note: This post is full of links to other really interesting websites. Each link opens a new window. Enjoy exploring!

The setting of a play can be as detailed and exact as the playwright, the director and/or the producer want or need it to be.  In the musical The Fantasticks, which has the feeling of a parable, the setting is a nearly bare stage with a trunk and a ladder.  In Larry Shue’s The Foreigner, the single large hunting lodge set (which needs to include a trap door) benefits from a loving attention to realistic detail.  [NOTE:  both this excellent shows are running right now in Fort Wayne, at IPFW and First Presbyterian, respectively.]

Jeannette Clift George sets her two-character play, Interval, in the heart of New York City, Manhattan.  Perhaps because for Americans, NYC is the quintessential Big City, it is a fitting backdrop for a play about two lonely people who are having a hard time finding a place to belong. Audience members who know New York well may have a bit of a job suspending disbelief that there could actually be a “forgotten corner” of Riverside Park, which runs along the Hudson River. We have tried to suggest that it is a sunken section of garden (steps down from street level).

You will notice several things about this garden:

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Who are Sam and Sara Ward?

As I was sitting in the studio at PBS Channel 39 last week, waiting to be part of an Arts Weekly interview (that link will take you to the whole show, of which I am the first six minutes–there will be a quicker YouTube link soon)…I looked over at John O’Connell’s list of questions for me and near the top I could see, “WHO ARE SAM AND SARA WARD?”

Wow, I thought. Great question.

I didn’t let him ask it. I answered it without prompting.

Who are Sam and Sara Ward?  They are:

Husband and wife,
Pastor and wife,
Parents of Eliana and Silas,
Passionate about redeeming the arts,
My friends.

Sam as Alan
Sam as Alan


Sara as Lenore
Sara as Lenore









I don’t have their biographies for the program yet, but I did come up with some questions to ask them. Their answers will give you a little more insight into what is so special about this couple.

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