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A New Collaboration is Born

This play originated over two years ago with a casual conversation between two friends: one, a father-to-be, mentioned that he was practicing his “Pooh” voice so that he could read to his baby the stories beloved by his wife; the other, a director and writer, had–that very day–read an article about the first book of Winnie-the-Pooh stories becoming public domain recently. You must simply imagine the look of wild surmise which was exchanged by this unlikely pair of collaborators.
During the summer of 2022 Lauren met with Jadon and his wife, first selecting the best stories from the book, then discussing how to weave them together with a through-line, and finally how to frame the stories in an interesting way. The first draft of the script was finally finished the following summer, and had an initial table read in order to get feedback. Some adjustments were made–mostly in the prologue and epilogue (the “real life” part of the story) to make the characters clearer.

Lauren Nichols and Jadon Moore

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