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Multiple projects

As I drive to the afO office for the third time in four days, I reflect that I don’t recall the last time I was able to work on three distinct projects in such a short span of time. Over the weekend I directed a rehearsal for two new episodes of The Temp, a comedy podcast series that afO co-produces with Michael Wilhelm.  On Monday night I had the pleasure of hosting a read-through of our April production, A Peculiar People. We were able to cast the remaining roles more easily than I’d foreseen. Getting the actors and production team together so far ahead of schedule was a wonderful help and head start for our season closer. Tonight (Tuesday) I am sitting in on a rehearsal conducted by our guest director, Mary Beth Frank, for Daddy Long Legs, which opens soon. 

I love being able to offer insight and assistance to the various artistic projects afO undertakes…and that is, after all, the job of the Artistic Director. But my reflections tonight are less about me, and more about how deeply grateful I am that we have 1) this marvelous facility which accommodates multiple events happening at the same time (rehearsals in two different rooms, costume shop humming); 2) eager and talented personnel to make these projects happen, often at an enormous sacrifice of time and energy; and 3) the creative opportunity to work on all these projects, and more besides!  From her home, Tricia is sending out Young Playwright script submissions to our judges. During the weekdays, Executive Director Stacey plans fundraising campaigns and community events. She and I work on the upcoming season selection and its artwork. 

But of course none of this would be happening without generous donors and enthusiastic patrons, who recognize the difference that Christ-motivated arts can make in our community. How has the work of afO impacted your life? We would love to hear from you. Meanwhile, we covet your prayers, and we look forward to seeing you at the theater!

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