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Creating Culture: Anna Macke

Impacting our culture starts small. It starts with impacting individuals. all for One seeks to intentionally build relationships with the people who work with us. We take time at the beginning of every rehearsal to spend as a group, sharing life and praying for each other. We seek to build a community of love and support within our casts, while also creating theatre that can impact a wider audience.

This week we would like you to meet Anna Macke, a talented actress and dancer, teacher, mother of two, wife, daughter, and more. We were so pleased to get to work with Anna in January and February during our production of Ruth 2. Read on to find out more about Anna’s experience creating culture as a part of all for One.

Anna Macke

My mother had just been diagnosed with cancer when I heard about auditions for all for One’s Ruth 2. I had wanted to audition for an afO show for years, but thought it would be too difficult to juggle rehearsals and caring for my young family. 

However, as I wrestled with the doubts, I felt called to audition. I remember pulling into the parking lot thinking, “Okay, God.  I might be crazy for trying to do this right now, but I know You have given me this love for theater, so I am trusting that You will take it from here.” 

Even though I had never met most of the cast, walking into that rehearsal room was like gathering with family. They welcomed me, wanted to hear about my life, prayed for my concerns, and then set off with me on a beautiful journey of bringing Biblical characters to life. It was therapeutic and filled with purpose — giving our best creative efforts to glorify the ultimate Creator.

Although there were many emotionally difficult rehearsals when mom was not doing well, through it all, my afO family loved me and helped me bear it. They not only cared about creating quality art, but also about creating meaningful, strong relationships.

As I reflect on my experience, Ruth 2:12b resounds with me: “May you be richly rewarded by the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge.” Being a part of afO was a reward for taking refuge in the Lord. I had put my time, fears, talents, inadequacies, and doubts into His hands, trusting in His purpose and calling for my life. The people in afO were His hands and feet; reminding me that He is trustworthy and faithful.

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