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Creating Culture: Emma Bachtel

Last week you met Michael, whose work with afO is impacting our culture for God through the arts. This week, we are introducing Emma!

Emma is an amazing young lady. She is a freshman at the University of St. Francis double majoring in marketing and dance. She is a go-getter, and is planning on a future in the arts. 

Emma is from Ohio and wanted to get involved with a faith-driven arts organization when she moved to Fort Wayne. She found all for One within her first week in town! She reached out, and she has been working as an intern coordinating volunteers and managing our social media since the end of September! We are so grateful that God led her to us.

We talk a lot about impacting lives, and the importance of the messages we are communicating. Emma recently watched The Dreadful Journal of Phoebe Weems, Michael Wilhelm’s latest work produced by all for One in September. Let’s hear what Emma has to say about the production.

Emma Bachtel

all for One is such a vital organization to this community because of the power it has to tell impactful, faith- driven stories. This is what led me to all for One initially- I strongly believe in their mission to impact our culture for God through the arts

Their recent production of The Dreadful Journal of Phoebe Weems did just that. The play moved me in a way that typical theatre doesn’t. I was able to identify with the intense fear the main character experienced and the journey she went on as she attempted to overcome it. What really meant a lot to me was the play ending with Phoebe recognizing that she hadn’t fully overcome her fear, but that it was a work in progress. It reminded me that trusting God with my fears is something I have to persistently work at. I’m so excited and grateful to have the opportunity to work with all for One and help reach even more people with these important messages.

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