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Plan now to see TURTLE SOUP!

TURTLE SOUP imageIn 1949, Gale Harris and some of his friends claimed to have caught glimpses of an enormous turtle in Fulks Lake, a small body of water on Harris’ farm. What followed defied probability:  Harris’ feverish search to find and capture the turtle caught the attention of the whole nation and Churubusco, Indiana found itself on the map.

Fort Wayne actor, artist and writer Michael Wilhelm saw the potential in this for a stage comedy (see next post for his story behind the script). all for One agreed with him, and we premiered his original play, Turtle Soup, in May 2011. We are thrilled to announce its return to brighten the winter doldrums. Turtle Soup opens February 19th and runs through the 28th.

The cast:

GALE HARRIS:   Michael Wilhelm
HELEN HARRIS:   Lisa Ellis
VAUGHN HARRIS:   Ben Wilder*
CHARLEY WILSON:   Dennis Nichols
ORA BLUE:  Terry Ellis
KENNY LEITCH:   J. Scott Kump
JIM KIRTLEY:   Nate Chen
VICTOR:   Andy Canaveral
MARJORIE:   Esther Mussmann
NUB:   Andrew Scantlin*
WOODY RIGSBY:   Jadon Moore

*indicates afO Home Stage debut


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